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It’s no surprise that during the summer months, while we are busy enjoying the outdoors and vacationing, our sheds and garages may start to get cluttered and unorganized.  We tend to hurry and throw things in there, vowing to spend time another day to organize our spaces.

Fall is a great time to get organized and take inventory of just what might need to be saved or chucked.  Cleaning out your garage or shed might take some time, so plan on saving an entire day to spend on doing a great job.

The first step would be to clear out all of the items in your garage.  This might be a good time to determine if you indeed need a shed for additional storage to help keep your garage roomy enough for your car to actually be parked in it.  Once you have it emptied out completely, you can make piles of what tools or equipment need to go into the shed, and what should remain in the garage.  Keep in mind that you still need to keep enough room for your autos.

Now that the garage is empty, it’s time to give it a good cleaning from top to bottom.  It would be handy if you had a long handled broom or even a dry-vac to get any dust and cobwebs from the upper corners of your garage.  Sweeping and vacuuming the walls, floors, garage doors would give you a good opportunity to notice any areas that might be in need of repair, and will help get any musty odors out.

Many times when you have hooks and racks overhead in your garage, you tend to store things that you will never, ever, reach for again.   The same might be true of shelves on the walls.  This is a good time to take inventory of what you need to keep within easy reach, what you need to toss, and what might need to be stored away in a shed rather than in your garage.  The nice thing about keeping these items in an easy to reach loft in your shed is that they are much more accessible than in the garage.  Take advantage of overhead storage, and when you are in the planning stage of your new shed, think about adding an overhead loft for additional storage.

Organizing your tools by activity or season is one way to put these items back in an orderly manner.  This way you will be able to easily find tools or equipment based on the season’s activity.  Moving the larger equipment like snow blowers and mowers out of your garage and into a shed in an orderly fashion will allow enough room in your garage for parking your car once again.  Designate a corner in your shed for each season.

One way to keep your garage organized is to park in it daily.  A storage shed can easily help you to meet this goal.  You can view a variety of sheds in many different sizes right on our website at Fox Country Sheds.

If you  have any tips on organizing your garage or shed, please share in the comments.


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Here are some great tips about selecting a shed:

Setting Out Simple Sheds for Small Spaces.

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This is a spectacular looking building. Wouldn’t you love to have this as your Garden Shed?

Garden Variety


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Happy Hideout Playset

The Happy Hideout makes a great holiday gift for the special child in your life. Take advantage of our display model sale and have it delivered before Christmas.


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Ready…Set…PLAY! The Busy Basecamp is ready for immediate delivery and immediate fun. Take advantage of our display model sale and have it delivered in time for Christmas.


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Only one in stock for immediate delivery.  Click on the link below to view this lovely 8×14 Victorian Shed with round-top door.  Ready for delivery right onto your prepared site.

8×14 Victorian Painted Wood Storage Shed with Round Door Foxs Sheds – Lititz PA.

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In case you missed the post, here is information on our Manor Shed – which is a lovely upscale garden shed that is sure to add value to your property.

Manor Shed – Estate Series upscale sheds from Fox’s Country Sheds.

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