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Fox’s Country Sheds located in beautiful Lancaster County, PA, sells quality Amish-built backyard playsets. This is why:

Recent studies again and again claim that our children are getting overweight and do not get enough exercise.  Is this the case in your household?  It’s tough when parents are working all day, trying to get chores and dinner taken care of, helping with homework and bedtime, to also think about what kind of exercise we are getting, let alone our children.

Backyard Playsets for Sale

Vinyl Amish Playset from Fox's Country Sheds http://www.FoxSheds.com

Amish-built backyard playsets are a great way for children of all ages to get a regular daily dose of exercise under the watchful eye of mom and dad. Whether it is before homework is done or afterwards, a few minutes (or more!) of outdoor play is great not only for your child’s health, but for their imagination, as well.  You know, it wouldn’t hurt mom and dad to get out there and swing a bit, too!

Installing a maintenance-free vinyl playset from Fox’s Country Sheds right in your backyard really takes advantage of your outdoor living space.  Some mistakenly believe that playsets are just for spring or summer use – but really, your children benefit from exercise year-round. It might encourage you to spend more family time together as well!

What child (and grownup!) can resist swinging or sliding!  Boys and girls of all ages equally benefit from our vinyl backyard playsets and the many accessories available to truly personalize each package and each family’s budget and needs.  Considering the many years of enjoyment and benefits of our vinyl backyard swingsets, as well as the financing packages available through Fox’s Country Sheds, a quality Amish-built backyard gymset might be within your budget after all.

We have playsets to meet every budget and every backyard.  Our Adventure World Gymsets brand of Amish-built playsets come with a 20-year Warranty.  We have quality built right in!

Any questions about selecting a vinyl backyard playset?  Please feel free to contact us directly at www.FoxSheds.com or call us at 717-626-9560.

Fox Sheds, Discount Storage Sheds
Fox’s Country Sheds of Lancaster County, PA
The author of this blog is Fox’s Country Sheds, a prefab storage shed, garden shed and garage manufacturer located in Lancaster County, PA.  Fox Sheds also sells Amish built gazebos, pergolas and backyard vinyl playsets. We sell retail as well as to the wholesale trade.
Contact Fox Sheds at (717) 626-9560 or on our website at www.FoxSheds.com .   You can also visit us at our retail and manufacturing facility at 537 E 28th Division Hwy (Rte 322), Lititz, PA, 17543, in the heart of Amish Lancaster County.  We ship nationally, pre assembled or in kits for the do-it-yourself handyman.
All images, media and text are protected and are the sole property of Fox’s Country Sheds and cannot be duplicated, copied or used without the expressed written permission of Fox’s Country Sheds.

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Vinyl Swingsets and Playsets, Amish Built from Fox Sheds

Amish Playsets from Fox Sheds http://www.FoxSheds.com

Remember using your imagination?

Encourage your child’s imagination as they play on their new backyard playset.

Perhaps they are a king or queen, reigning over their backyard kingdom on their vinyl playset and tower.

Amish Vinyl Swingsets, Towers and Jungle Gyms

Amish Vinyl Swingsets, Towers and Jungle Gyms

Perhaps they are sailing a ship over a backyard sea, fighting off pirates and looking for treasure.

Perhaps the playset tower will be a rocketship as your little girl and boy propel to the moon and explore new planets.

Anything is possible with your child’s imagination and their new backyard vinyl swingset!

At Fox’s Country Sheds, we sell only quality vinyl backyard playsets, guaranteed to last.
Safety is important to us, which is why all wood is covered with a heavy duty vinyl sleeve.  There are no exposed parts which can hurt or cause injury, assuring years of fun and safety.

Our Amish playset builders pass along the quality and craftsmanship they are known for, and build each backyard playset with the utmost care.

Visit us at www.FoxSheds.com to view our available playsets, swingsets and accessories.
We deliver year round, and can deliver before Christmas!

You can also visit our location at 537 E 28th Division Hwy, Lititz PA, 17543 or call us at 717-626-9560.  We are open year round, and are easily accessible right in the heart of Amish Lancaster County, PA.

Remember.. if you visited us at the Lancaster Fall Home Show, you received a coupon for 10% off your vinyl swingset!  But, the coupon expires Oct.31, 2009 and MUST be presented at the time of your order.  Don’t delay, and take advantage now!

If you do not have a coupon, check out our coupons in Clipper Magazine for $100 your new order!

Vinyl Amish Playset

Vinyl Amish Playset

Vinyl Swingsets and Playsets, Amish Built from Fox Sheds

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When my kids were little, we had one of those metal swing sets that we probably got at Kmart.  It was never

Maintenance Free! Vinyl Swingsets!

Maintenance Free! Vinyl Swingsets!

heavy enough to anchor quite properly, and if the kids swung too high one end would lift up and down, causing me to fear the worst.  The slide was metal, so when it was hot and sunny out the kids couldn’t use it without burning their little behinds.  Worst of all, it was prone to rusting, so it wasn’t very safe either!

Then, wooden swingset play yard became all the rage, but splinters aren’t too welcome during a little kid’s playfest.  Yes, the “forts” were fun, but not if you got splinters on your fingers and knees and you climbed up the ladder.

Then, some genius discovered that you can take heavy duty vinyl and wrap it around solid 4 x 4 and 2 x 6 lumber, and voila!  The result was the birth of the vinyl swingset!

Look ‘ma!  No more splinters!

Look ‘pa!  No more wood staining!

Look grandma and grandpa!  No more burning our precious little bottoms on metal slides!

Fox’s Country Sheds has a number of vinyl playsets available in stock for immediate delivery, and available by custom order for meeting your personal needs and budget. Our vinyl swing sets are maintenance free!  No staining, no warping, no cares!

We’ll deliver it locally and set it up for you ~ all you need to supply is “fun”! (and perhaps a glass of cool lemonade for our workers if it’s a really hot day!)

Just imagine the hours of fun your child will spend, safely playing in your own backyard.  Best of all, our playsets can be added to and changed around as your needs and your family grows.  What a great investment!

Now why didn’t they invent these things when my kids were little!!??!!

I must admit that I am tempted sometimes to just sit and swing the day away on our lot at 537 E 28th Division Highway.  So, if you drive by and see me swinging away…. stop and give me a great big push!  Wheee!!!!

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