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Summer Shed Savings

We just keep getting hit with these rainy storms this season here at Fox’s Country Sheds, and it seems that spring has just flown by.  With the hot humid days we’ve been experiencing, it feels like summer is upon us quicker than anticipated! Our crew is working every day though, through this heat – and we appreciate their hard work to get your shed orders out in time!

If you have fallen behind on your spring yard work, Fox’s Country Sheds has some savings that you can take advantage of today!  Garden Sheds, Potting Sheds and regular ‘ol backyard storage sheds – or a combination of all three types of sheds – are still being built in our year-round shed building facility.  We thought we’d give you all a coupon that you can use to place your order and save a little money to put towards your vacation fund! Click below to download our June Coupon Savings!

Click here:  Fox’s Country Sheds – Click and Save COUPONS

This coupon ends JUNE 30, 2011 – so don’t delay.  Save now on any of the following items that we offer, direct from the manufacturer:

Fox's Sheds Savings & Discounts

Fox Sheds Savings & Discounts - Expire 6/30/11 - http://www.FoxSheds.com

Fox Sheds, Discount Storage Sheds
Fox’s Country Sheds of Lancaster County, PA
The author of this blog is Fox’s Country Sheds, a prefab storage shed, garden shed and garage manufacturer located in Lancaster County, PA.  Fox Sheds also sells Amish built gazebos, pergolas and backyard playsets.  We sell retail as well as to the wholesale trade.
Contact Fox Sheds at (717) 626-9560 or on our website at www.FoxSheds.com .   You can also visit us at our retail and manufacturing facility at 537 E 28th Division Hwy (Rte 322), Lititz, PA, 17543, in the heart of Amish Lancaster County.  We ship nationally, pre assembled or in kits for the do-it-yourself handyman.

All images and text are protected and are the sole property of Fox’s Country Sheds and cannot be duplicated, copied or used without the expressed written permission of Fox’s Country Sheds

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Our Amish-made swingsets are large enough to keep ALL of the kids busy! So, who says that Two is Company, and Three is a Crowd? Our swingsets can fit 2, 3, 4 and more kids on them at one time!

Here at Fox’s Country Sheds, we get loads of grandparents purchasing swingsets for their own backyards, so that the kids have something to play

Vinyl Amish Playset

Vinyl Amish Playset

and climb on when they come to visit.  It takes me back to when my own parents purchased a home right down the street from mine, when my boys were little.  The house they happened to buy had a great climbing fort that the previous owner had built.  It wasn’t vinyl like the long-lasting ones that we sell now, but instead it was made of some kind of wood.  It was pretty old by the time my parents purchased the house, and I know my kids got their fair share of splinters in the hands, arms, knees and feet, so there was always a handy set of tweezers, some band-aids and some iodine handy for grandma’s emergency procedures.  I know that they would have preferred to have had a vinyl set, but they really weren’t around way back then.  The fort ended up facing the same fate that most wooden structures face – demolition.  It was a sad day.

Now, I see the faces on all of the children light up as grandma and their parents pick and choose the vinyl playset and the accessories that will be delivered to these waiting backyards.  I can just hear the glee in these children’s voices.  It brings me back many, many years.

Our playsets range from smaller sets for small backyards, to great big large forts, climbing walls, ladders, tubes and more.  There is a size and a price range for every budget.  We also offer 0% financing for those who want it, Same as Cash for 90 Days.

Amish Vinyl Swingsets, Towers and Jungle Gyms

Amish Vinyl Swingsets, Towers and Jungle Gyms

So yes, there is plenty of room for little Jane, Brandon, Jeffrey, Susie, and all of their friends to play on our Amish made vinyl playsets and swingsets. We can order whichever set will suit your needs the best.  So, not only is 2 “company”, but 3 and 4 and more are much more fun!  Invite the whole neighborhood! (or not!)

You can visit us at:  Fox’s Country Sheds, 537 E 28th Division Hwy (Route 322 across from Esbenshade’s Garden Center), just north of Lititz PA in Brickerville, Lancaster County.  You can also order your playset online at www.FoxSheds.com .

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I’m excited to start this blog, and share some of my views from our country corner of the world in Lancaster County, PA.

It’s never quiet in the office, with the fax machine spitting out new orders, to customers stopping by asking if we sell sheds. Well, Yes we Do! We are not only a manufacturing and wholesale facility, but we are a retail outlet as well.

We’re starting to plan on redecorating our office and retail sales area, but it seems that there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. In the meantime, though, we are working on some new designs that should be available as soon as our wholesale orders slow down a bit. Since just about everything is custom made, attention to detail is paramount. Our dealers, as well as our retail customers, deserve our undivided attention ~ so, the office and retail renovation is taking second place for now.

In the meantime, take a look at one one of our latest designs ~ Fox’s Potting Shed! It’s a potting shed thatA potting shed for every green-thumb every master gardener would be proud of, including Martha Stewart! If I had a green thumb, I’d have one of these in my yard for sure.

The Potting Shed offers a row of 24″ x 36″ windows, a potting bench, and a roof-length skylight panel. Interior of the Potting Shed

We’ve sold out on all of our in-stock Potting Sheds, but will be happy to custom build one for you. Choose your siding and trim colors to match your home, or add colors to complement your garden flowers.

An interior shot of the Fox\'s Country Sheds potting shedIf you are interested in custom ordering one of our sheds, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly staff. You can find us along Route 322, just across the street from Esbenshade’s Garden Center and approximately 1 mile east of Brickerville, in the heart of Amish Country ~ Lancaster County, PA.

We ship your shed to you ~ so if you are visiting from out of the area, no worries!

Check back soon for updates on more of our unique designs, and updates on our office renovation (if we ever get around to it!)

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