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10×16 Chalet Shed, Victorian Gable Style Shed Fox’s Sheds – Lititz PA.

Manheim Barons colors of Maroon and Gray!  Lovely chalet style shed with maroon shutters and light gray siding.

Chalet style shed from Fox's Country Sheds

Update:  This shed has sold~!

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This month, September 2010, Fox’s Country Sheds is offering a FREE ridgevent with any shed purchase of 8×12 or larger. Mention this offer to any Fox’s Country Sheds sales rep to receive your free ridgevent!

Not sure what a ridgevent does or if it is needed on your shed?  Below is an interesting article on how a ridgevent works when installed in your home.  The principles are the same for why a ridge vent is important in your shed.

A ridgevent, when properly installed, will allow the hot air that collects to escape as it rises in your shed (hot air rises!).  Since sheds are generally not as tall as homes, there isn’t a whole lot of area for the hot air to collect, making some sheds too hot to want to spend much time in there.

Allowing the hot air to escape will also extend the life of your shingles, something that we highly recommend even though the shingles used by Fox’s Country Sheds in each and every building are all 30-Year shingles.  Hot, moist air collecting under your roofing sheathing is not very healthy for your shed.

Along with the hot air, a ridgevent will allow fumes from your gas powered lawn equipment to escape.  So, if the hot air doesn’t bother you too much, consider the fumes collecting in your backyard shed from your lawn tractor.

A ridge vent is particularly important to include when considering options for your shed when you will be using your structure as a Garden Office or Workshop.  In this case, you may even consider upgrading to vented soffits along with a ridgevent for a fully ventilated shed or garage.

To learn more about ridgevents, read the article below.  And to order your 8×12 shed with a FREE ridgevent during the month of September 2010, click on our website at www.FoxSheds.com .

How Does a Ridge Vent Work? | eHow.com.

Any questions about Sheds?  Please feel free to contact us directly at www.FoxSheds.com !   Remember that we ship nationally, right to your driveway or backyard.

Fox Sheds, Discount Storage Sheds
Fox’s Country Sheds of Lancaster County, PA
The author of this blog is Fox’s Country Sheds, a prefab storage shed, garden shed and garage manufacturer located in Lancaster County, PA.  Fox Sheds also sells Amish built gazebos, pergolas and backyard playsets.  We sell retail as well as to the wholesale trade.
Contact Fox Sheds at (717) 626-9560 or on our website at www.FoxSheds.com .   You can also visit us at our retail and manufacturing facility at 537 E 28th Division Hwy (Rte 322), Lititz, PA, 17543, in the heart of Amish Lancaster County.  We ship nationally, pre assembled or in kits for the do-it-yourself handyman.

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