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Holy moley! Our plant has been so busy lately, it’s pretty unbelievable!  I think that most homeowners are realizing something that we’ve know for a long time – that long-lasting vinyl ATTRACTIVE storage sheds are a bonus to your home’s property when you are starting to OUTGROW your current home, yet are not in a position to sell and move to larger digs.

ItThat’s what I call Growing Pains! can be quite a pain to pack up and move, when all you really need is just more room for your stuff!  With the economy the way it is, it seems that people are leaning towards not going on vacation, and not buying larger homes, but rather improving (and enjoying) the homes that they are in.

We’ve definitely seen a rise in our attractive luxury items, such as our gazebos which can beautify every yard

Customize your new porch patio and pool house shed to meet your needs.

Customize your new porch patio and pool house shed to meet your needs.

and add extra shade and resting space.  But, we’ve also been seeing a HUGE increase in the sales of our porch patio upscale sheds, which many people use as pool houses and extra outdoor living space.  We’ve definitely seen an increase in homeowners installing in-ground pools and deciding to vacation “at home” instead of spending valuable gas money for traveling vacations.

Remember that these structures can be customized to meet YOUR specific needs! So, if you’d like the porch area to be larger – We can Do That! If you’d like glass patio doors installed – We can Do that! If you’d like an electric package installation so that you can hook up a ceiling fan or a mini fridge, and even the t.v. – We can Do that, too!

We recently customized a shed – turned poolhouse – with great big screened windows, a huge usable porch, and a detailed electrical package.  The homeowners have been enjoying it alongside their newly installed pool, and have hooked up their t.v. and an air conditioner.  So they’re staying cool, while their neighbors swelter!  A bonus is that the flooring can be made out of poly-decking, so that it’s maintenance free!

And best of all – we offer FINANCING!! There are many different finance packages available – so stop by today and talk to us.  We can even do 0 % interest-free for 12 months! Holy Moley!  If you’re thinking of NOT going on vacation, and instead vacationing in your own backyard, just think of the savings overall! We’d love to be invited for a cold drink once you have your new Fox’s Country Sheds structure in place!

On another note — We are looking for DEALERS for our custom shed orders! Remember that we are a manufacturing facility first and foremost. Although we love dealing with the public and selling from our manufacturing facility to those who visit us, we strive to offer our dealers the same quality, personalized service! We will also supply your with your own brochures and samples, so we make it easy to work with us while you brand yourself!

If you are a dealer or retailer of lawn supplies, garden supplies, lawn or outdoor furniture, or if you are a pool company or installer – talk to us about becoming a retail dealer for Fox’s Country Sheds!  We have dealers in PA, NY, NJ, VA and other surrounding states – but we need more to help us out! If you’d like to learn more about becoming a dealer for us, contact us directly at info@foxsheds.com or call us at 717-626-9560.  We will do what we need to do, to make you successful!

We’re GROWING – our customer base is GROWING – and we’d love our dealers to GROW with us!  That’s a “good” kind of “growing pains”!

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