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What size shed is right for you?

8 x 10 Carriage style Garden Shed

8 x 10 Garden Shed with Vinyl Siding

When you are shopping for a storage garden shed, you will need to consider what size will work best for your needs.  Fox’s Country Sheds builds all sizes of sheds and garages, so it’s not a matter of what you will find available from us on our website or on our lot.  But rather, what size will fit in the space that you have, and what size will sufficiently store your possessions.

Consider these points when choosing a shed size:

A 4×6 shed is quite small, but if you don’t have much room and only need to store a few hand tools, it might be the right size for you.  Keep in mind, though, that you might outgrow it quite soon!

Personally, I would not recommend anything smaller than an 8 x 10 for simple storage in a relatively small space.  Every style of shed that we build, whether it has vinyl siding or is built of painted wood siding, is available in a 8 x 10 shed size.

An 8 x 10 shed will give you enough room for a mower – possibly even a riding mower.  Be sure to measure the width of your mower before ordering your shed. As a standard, an 8 x 10 shed will come with a 4-Foot wide double door.  Be sure this is sufficient for easily maneuvering your mower in and out.  If you need a larger door – no problem.  But, we need to know ahead of time!

If you are planning on including a workbench or potting bench in your shed – and many of our customers find them very useful to have – keep in mind that the typical width for such a bench is 2-ft.  So, when ordering your garden shed, be sure to include enough room for you to walk around work around the workbench, while still leaving room for storing your mower, snowblower, rakes, etc. If you need a different size workbench or potting bench – no problem!  Just let us know at the time you place your order.

10x14 Chalet-Victorian Garden Shed with Vinyl Siding

10 x 14 Garden Shed with Vinyl Siding from http://www.FoxSheds.com

Some people ask what the ‘average’ size is that most people buy. It really all depends, but a 10 x 14 or 10×16 shed can be an ideal size for most homeowners.  Some even go as large as 12 x 20 or larger, assuring that all of their needs are met for many years.  This will leave you with plenty of room for the rider or a small tractor, kids bikes, snow removal equipment, as well as lawn care equipment.  Many homeowners want enough room to store their valuable patio furniture during the winter months.

If you prefer to be able to “drive through” your shed, you might want to add a second set of double doors on the opposite end.  We also highly recommend a ridgevent or gable vents – something for ventilation, especially if you are storing chemicals or gas-powered equipment.

Hey, your stuff cost a lot of money, and you want to be sure you have safe and secure storage to keep your valuables clean and safe! We completely understand this, and all of our sheds come with a locking latch and a set of keys.  It’s a good idea to keep one key in a safe area in your garage for easy access, and the spare key tucked way in a secure location in your home in case you ever lose the first key.  Should you lose both of them (and we get many calls from folks that do), we can order a set of keys for you.

Now that you have considered what size shed would fit your needs best, it’s time to decide on where you want to place your shed. This, too, will vary from homeowner to homeowner.  Some people like to keep their storage shed right near their back door or garage door for easy access.  Others like to place them in the farthest corner of their yard.  Whatever suits your needs best, be sure that we have adequate clear space to deliver and place the shed in your designated spot.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to draw out a map of your property which indicated where your house is, where your property lines are, and where any trees, bushes or shrubs, wires or poles, stationary basketball nets or playsets, fences and septic or drainage beds, etc., are located.  This will help us map out whether we can easily delivery the shed to the location in the yard that you have selected as your first choice.  You might want to keep a second choice in mind, just in case the first location is not readily accessible to a delivery trailer.

Any questions about selecting a Shed size?  Please feel free to contact us directly at www.FoxSheds.com !   Remember that we ship right to you!

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