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You may have heard about a recent F-1 tornado that ripped through a portion of Lancaster County two weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon. Some of the sheds on our lot got a bit dinged up from the golf-ball sized hail, but that’s nothing that we can’t fix pretty easily.  Most of them have already been repaired!

But, many of our customers who’s homes were right in the tornado’s path didn’t fare so easily. The Monday morning right after the tornado hit, our office was flooded with calls!  Homeowners and local builders have been calling us daily (and two weeks later, the phone hasn’t stopped yet) with requests for repairs to their damaged sheds.

Our facility missed the tornado’s path by about a mile, so we were not a direct hit – thank God!  But, that’s not the case for most of the homeowners (and shed owners) who live in Clay Township, Ephrata and parts of Denver in Lancaster County.

So, between our regular dealer orders and retail orders, we’ve been accomodating these requests for repairs to the sheds of our past customers (and there are many!).

What is amazing, and something I’m proud to share, is that the only damage to these sheds that we built was from the hail to portions of the siding, aluminum trim and roofing shingles.  NONE of our sheds had a roof tear off or had a collapse.  NONE of our sheds were blown away.  NONE!

There is a local competitor who actually had the sheds on his lot lift up and crash into each other damaging them profusely! This tells me something about the construction of our sheds – and it should be an indication to you as well.  We build ’em strong!!  We “notch” our rafters – and most other shed builders don’t.  We use 2 x 4 studs – and many shed builders don’t.  Clearly, we build em to last – and perhaps many shed builders simply don’t!

If you are a past customer of Fox’s Country Sheds and you have had storm damange from the recent tornado that tore through our county, please call us for a repair estimate.  If you have not already done so – call your insurance company!  Your shed should be covered along with your household hazard insurance! If we don’t have your siding and trim colors in stock, we will order it for you.  Some people needed just one piece of siding, others needed an entire side of the shed re-sided.

We were so busy with repairs these past few weeks, that some of our sheds on order got delayed by a day or so – but we are slowly catching up.  Luckily, everyone has been very understanding because this was a freak act of nature.

Unfortunately, some homes were lost due to the storm, and people lost the entire contents of their homes. Thank God, there was no loss of life, even while those homeowners were in their homes when they simply blew apart.  Let’s all please keep them in our prayers. If you would like to make a donation of household goods to these homeowners, the area churches are holding drives to help them.  The local red cross has been wonderful, as well.

As a side note — today I had a young couple come in and order a cute 8 x 8 Garden Shed for their home.  They confided in me that their previous shed – which blew apart – was from Lowe’s!  And guess what?  It completely demolished in the storm! They figured that this time, they would do things the right way, and order a Fox’s Country Shed instead of one of those ARROW plastic sheds from Lowe’s!  Smart young couple!!

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